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Reimex Pharma is ambitious company founded to trade wholesale of pharmaceuticals, medicinal products, export of vaccines, food supplements and medical devices and products.

The company also works for the establishment of new products and manufacturers on the Bulgarian market, making registrations and marketing studies of new items. Reimex Pharma is a company that seeks to constantly master and improve the quality of health care. The company is uniquely positioned to provide products and services, thus helping our partners to be successful in the ever-changing health care system.

The company is built on the principles of international and national best practices in the industry. It is certified with GDP (Good Distribution Practice), IDP (“Good Distribution Practice”) as required by the European Union and the World Health Organization. The standard that we follow is based on the experience of the most successful international companies. Along with building and strengthening the company as a flexible market structure, what we position at the core of our company strategy are : correct relationships with manufacturers, from which we really borrow successful practices and experience in terms of management, product storage, quality, time and means of service. The company has created qualified personnel and an optimally built up and functioning warehouse base that corresponds to the modern requirements in terms of security, temperature control, humidity and ventilation.

The standard we guarantee

It is provided with an alternative independent power supply. It is located a key infrastructure area with convenient transport communication. The company is guided by the principles of ETHICS AT ALL MANAGEMENT LEVELS, which is also a major focus in our relationships with our counterparts.

Main employees

Yanko Popstoilov


Yanko Popstoilov graduated from the Vasil Levski National Sports Academy – Sofia,

he has a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Health. There are three master’s degrees: in National Security in

“University of Library Science and Information Technologies” in Sofia, and

Organization and management of corporate security at the Military Academy “Georgi

S. Rakovski” in Sofia and Health Management in “University of National and World

farm” in Sofia. In 2019, he participated in the creation of the pharmaceutical company

“Reimex Pharma” OOD, holding the position of executive director.

The company is uniquely positioned and specialized in the supply of medicinal products

products for rare diseases. It was built on the principles of international and

national best practices in the industry: GDP (Good Distribution Practice); IDP (Identity


Stanislava Prokopieva


Stanislava Prokopieva completed her education at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Sofia in 2012, earning a Master of Pharmacy degree. She has been practicing her profession since 2012, working in a chain of pharmacies in Sofia and eventually assuming the position of pharmacy manager. In 2014, she completed a fundamental training course in the program of the European School of Clinical Homeopathy, receiving a certificate for participation in the First European Congress on Clinical Homeopathy.

She has participated in numerous continuing education and seminars organized by pharmaceutical companies. In 2023, she became a part of the team at Reimex Pharma Ltd., taking on the role of Responsible Pharmacist.

Svetla Petkova


Svetla Petkova graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical Academy in Sofia in 1977 and became a Master of Pharmacy.
From 1977 to 1992 SHE worked at the National Hospital of Cardiology and reached the position of Manager of Hospital Pharmacy. She also specializes “Organization and management of Pharmacy. Since 1992 she has moved to Maimex PLC. and holds the position of “Head of Warehouse Department and Pharmacies. Since 2000 she occupies the position of “Pharmacy warehouse manager” at Maimex PLC.
In 1992, she successfully passed a short course at Maimex PLC. about “Good Distribution Practices” in the Sandoz and Ciba Geigy companies in Switzerland.

Gergana Kostadinova


Gergana Kostadinova Graduated from the National Sports Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy.

Receives a master’s degree at the Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski” city of Sofia with special communication and information systems.

 For many years she led the Department: Training and Quality Control in Telenor Bulgaria.

She took part in various corporate projects: testing and checking the technical quality of an interactive information menu, developing and managing innovation projects facilitating customers for various services. Conducted a number of trainings related to sales and quality control, including for the Metropolitan Library.

She speaks English and Spanish

Working and knowledge with Oracle Siebel CRM

Passed a number of additional qualifications and certificates:

Sales management 

Certificate from COPS for Quality Management, 


Train the trainer

Emotional Intelligence

Stress Management

Certificate from Adverse Events and Product Complaints Reporting – by Alexion

She took part in the First and Second Scientific Conference: Genetics in Clinical Practice.

In 2020, she became part of the management team of Reimex Pharma OOD in the position of Quality Control and Training Manager.

At the beginning of 2022, she gets the opportunity to manage the sales team of Reimex Pharma OOD